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Hi Dear,
Find Independent Escorts at Khel Gaon by me reshami desai. My heart is full of worries and disappointment. I know you care and you also want to spend some time with me, but why you refuse over and over. Yes I expect certain things but nothing more than you. I just want you why don’t you understand. I know you also feel bad for not giving me enough time but I do not ask for your time on regular basis. Delhi Escorts and Call Girls are here to fulfill your demands. Can’t we meet up once in a week? Is it that much difficult? Why you are waiting and leaving everything on future. This will happen that will happen and we will be able to meet up then. I don’t want to hear your this and that. I understand but this is not that much tough? Is it? After waiting so long finally that precious day arrived when we started our relationship. Trust me I do not wanted any gift or anything else. I just want to do a special dinner with you. You didn’t even think once. May be you thought but I feel you were so busy you hadn’t time to think about us. Why you are so careless? Why you take me for granted? I know you don’t but still you do unintentionally. You must be very busy to listen to me. But you should listen to me; you have some sort of responsibilities towards me I guess. I do not want you to feel depressed because I love you so much and you know that. You also know that I just want you with me after knowing these things you still don’t had time for us. Our special and unforgettable moments are worthless for you? I don’t want any clarification because you are angry at me again I know. But I will not ask you why. And do not ask you about anything. I do not have any demands I just want you beside me. But right now I am just disappointed from you. I know you also want me with you but why don’t you show that. You are just busy all the time in your own thoughts. I know you don’t even have time for yourself and I don’t expect anything after this line.


Age 23
Weight 55kg
Measurements 34c-28-36
Build Curvy
Height 5'4"
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Dress Size 8
Nationality Indian
Languages English
Location juhu
Availability - 24/7

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